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Logic Senilife Capsules for Senior Cats 30 Capsules

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Manufacturer: Ceva


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Logic Senilife Capsules For Senior Cats is a dietary supplement to help maintain normal brain function for senior cats.

Logic Senilife is a unique blend of 3 essential brain nutrients and powerful antioxidants that have been tested to show clinical signs of improvement after 7 days of treatment.

50% of cats are less lethargic and have more interest in playing, while 70% show improvement in night time moaning. Senilife is safe for use throughout a cat's entire lifetime.

Directions for Use:
For Oral use only. Cut the top of the capsule and squeeze the capsule to empty the liquid into your pets food or directly into their mouth.

Daily Dose:
    1 Capsule Daily

30 Capsule Pot

Reviews Overall rating: (5 of 5)

Ekaterina Gaffney

Quite an amazing product. We are getting value and benefit from Senlife. My cat is 11yrs old and I've seen a change just in 2 days . Great taste too, the cat loves it. Simply the very best product on the market.