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Humilac Spray 250mls

Humilac Spray 250mls

Manufacturer: Virbac


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Humilac Spray is an odourless, clear pump spray or rinse for topical application, containing Propylene glycol 10g Urea 10g Glycerine 7.5g Lactic acid 4.4g.

Humilac is an oil-free humectant designed to aid in moisturising dry skin and in restoring coat condition without leaving a greasy film. May be used as a moisturiser in dogs and cats with localised or generalised dry skin.

It may be used as a spray directly on to the skin or as a rinse. Humilac may also be used as a routine grooming aid.

Directions: Part the hair and spray the entire coat. Groom as usual. Rinse: Add 5 capfuls of Humilac to two pints of warm water and pour over the animal, taking care to avoid the eyes and ears. Towel off excess.

Use as advised by your veterinary surgeon.

Bottle Size: 250ml 

Reviews Overall rating: (5 of 5)

Karen Monk

Great, does amazingly well on my hedgehogs dry skin, love it, never use anything else

Miss Dee Clements

This product is great when used with Sebomild P. It has helped my GSD with his sebaceous adenitis and helped keep his coat and skin healthier.