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PetUK Nylon Dog Collar Red - 18" x 20mm

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Manufacturer: PetUK



PetUK Nylon Dog Collar Red is a brand new collar, which is part of a brand new range supplied by VetUK.

The Die cast zinc buckle, D ring and collar measuring holes provide an excellent source of security and strength which will keep the PetUK collar firmly in place.

This new dog collar has been made using extra soft nylon to provide your dog with added comfort and luxury.

Reviews Overall rating: (4.7 of 5)

Irene Harrington

Really pleased with the quality & price of this, I prefer a buckle collar and with clearly defined holes, makes it much easier to get on/off a wriggly pup. I find it is no good buying expensive collars whilst pups are growing, so this fits the bill well.

Donald T

The quality for money took me be supprise here as so much cheaper than pet stores but if anything these are better. Well done.


Nice collar at a very sensible price - as they say every little helps.