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Good Girl Cat To Nature Cat Scratcher

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Manufacturer: Armitage Pet Care



Good Girl Cat To Nature Cat Scratcher provides natural entertainment for your cat.

Made of natural materials this fun cat scratcher protects your furniture and keep your cat's claws trim.

The Cat To Nature Cat Scratcher includes catnip which will encourage your cat to use the scratcher rather than any furniture.

Reviews Overall rating: (4.2 of 5)

Ash Jenkins

I bought this for my three cats not expecting all that much out of it but all three of them really like it. Not so sure about the bag of dried catnip it comes with; that just falls through the product onto the floor and my cats do not seem to care for dried catnip anyway. The cats like to sit on it (one at a time - it's only big enough for one cat!) and scratch away, meaning it stays still whilst they scratch. Will definitely buy again although it could do without the catnip.

Michelle Staniforth

I bought this just to try as my cat doesn't really use the post we currently had and all reviewx were good. Well what can I say other thsn it's fantastic my cat uses it and has done from me showing it to him. Yes it's only card but as its so cheap I can't grumble. I will definitely order more when needed.

Ms B Maki

My three cats all like using this scratcher, and as I strategically placed it in between areas of wallpaper and carpet that they were destroying, I'm pleased to say that it saves wear on my furnishings too. They rake their claws on it, recline on it, get stoned on it (a small packet of catnip comes with the scratcher). It's easy to clean and recyclable. And VetUK has the most competitive price that I have seen for this item.

Joan Edwards

I read the reviews so I was aware it was made of cardboard, but considering the price which was not very expensive, I thought let me try it. My five cats love it, obviously because of the material, when they scratch some material does fall off & it will only last around four to six weeks but my cats are having hours of pleasure(I should of got 2). They actually lie on it and sometimes use the scratcher as a pillow - soo cute. If you are looking for a strong scratcher that does not shed any material, for more than 2 cats - this item is not for you.

Emma Hill

I bought this scratcher for my 20 month old cat as he is a carpet scratcher! As soon as I put the catnip on it he was very interested, rubbed himself all over it. When my other cat (6yrs) came to investigate I think the younger cat was offended as he then peed on it. The older cat now rubs his face all over it but the younger one is not interested now and still has a go at the carpet! The reason for 3 stars is that it's quite entertaining watching the older cat rub his face over it!

Summer Townsend

This is great! My cat was trying to get it out the parcel before i even opened it. As soon as I unpacked it he was straight on it and it didn't even have any cat nip on! He uses it to scratch his whole body and even lays on it, like a bed. He loves it and so do i! Even though its made of cardboard which is easily pulled apart its only £2.58 so is cheap enough to replace when needed. Great product!

Tracy Grant

I bought one of these for a carpet scratcher however he wouldn't use it at all not even when it was covered in catnip. My other lad is a chewer and he chewed big chunks of cardboard off it and left them littered around the room but he didn't use it scratch either so it wasn't a success for us and we resorted to a large scratching post instead which has worked well. The reason for 2 stars is if you can get your cat to use it it's a cheap way to provide a scratcher however as it's cardboard it will need replacing quite often.

Gillian Hilton

When I recieved this, I thought it was a waste of money - BUT how wrong was I? All three of my cats love this so much. The first day one of them was drooling over it so much the thing was soaked. Do hide the sachet of catnip though. I put mine on the side, next day it was scattered all over the place. Just going to order another cat scratcher cos they have worn the last one out! Bless em!

Andi Jackson

I bought this for my 2 boys, soon as I put a little bit of the cat nip on they were all over it, my youngest cat Jet (7 months) did better on it than my older cat Nibble (14 months) but nibbles is a nightmare, he would rather use the carpet than scratching posts.....but I won't give up till I find one he likes! :) good product for the price!

Camila Wisniewska

Nice little scratcher. My kitten loves it, and whenever I add a bit of fresh catnip to the cardboard grooves, he lays there rubbing his face on it for ages. It is rather small though, and probably only suitable for young kittens. My two adult cats have shown no interest in it at all.