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Ancol Acticat Play Tunnel

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Manufacturer: Ancol


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Ancol Acticat Play Tunnel is extra durable to withstand your playful pouncing cat.

The robust crinkle material provides your cat with noisy, crackling fun and the dangling jingly ball adds another fun and irresistible feature for your cat to play with.

This great tunnel is a fantastic way to prevent boredom and can be folded easily to be stored away when not in use.

Reviews Overall rating: (4.5 of 5)

Tiziano Riolfo

I have a very suspicious beast, so it did take some time to persuade him this was for his enjoyment and not some cruel trap. Perhaps the garish colour is distracting? Nevertheless, after some gentle coersion (with favourite toys flying through it over the course of a few days) it has eventually become a friendly place and what can only be described as "battle armour". A complete result!

Sheila Merson

My cat loves this tunnel and plays with it every day. It makes a rustling noise as she runs through, which she seems to like as she likes playing with carrier bags that rustle. A great success!