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PetUK Catnip Fish Toy

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Manufacturer: PetUK


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PetUK Catnip Fish Toy is a great way to entice any cat into playing.

This fun fish toy is filled with catnip which stimulates over 70% of cats. Catnip is a natural product which contains an aroma that many cats will find irresistible.

The PetUK Catnip Fish Toy is made from a tough material that will withstand the wears and tears of over excited cats.

Another exciting feature of the PetUK Catnip Fish Toy is the bell which can be found at the top of the fishes head.

Size: 5cm x 14cm

Reviews Overall rating: (4.8 of 5)

Grace Morley

I've never seen my cat so excited!

Amelie Mckenzie

Jaspers two favourite things, fish and catnip.

Katie Lambert

When I hear that little bell I know exactly what my two mogs are up to. I will be buying two of these next time!

Laura Fuller

My cat doesn't usually show interest in toys so I thought I'd try cat nip and she loves it!