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Nobbly Wobbly Cat Toy

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Manufacturer: Happy Pet


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Nobbly Wobbly Cat Toy is a colourful interwoven rubber ball that adds a playful edge on the everyday cat toy.

This tangle teasing ball contains a hollow middle which cleverly absorbs your pet's chewing action, creating an excellent jaw work out.

This fun and lively toy will bring instant fun to your furry friend.

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Tracy Grant

I bought one of these for a cat that chews everything and I mean everything. I figured it would be a good distraction from cables etc that he shouldn't be chewing. The ball rolls ok and has a bell inside to draw attention but I can honestly say he never touched it, not with his paws or his teeth and it just kept getting kicked across the floor by me for months until I gave it away so it's hit or miss whether you'll be able to get your cat interested enough to chew it.