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PetUK Pet Grooming Tool

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Manufacturer: PetUK

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PetUK Pet Grooming Brush  is a fantastic deshedding tool for cats and dogs.

The PetUK Pet Grooming Brush reduces shedding by upto 90%. It reaches deep beneath your pet's topcoat to safely remove the undercoat and loose hair.

The gripped rubber handle gives maximum grip when using the grooming brush.

Designed and recommended by veterinarians, the PetUK Pet Grooming Brush effectively and simply reduces hairballs and shedding.

Reviews Overall rating: (4.8 of 5)

Kiran Jani

I bought a small and a medium tool on 9 March 2014. I returned the medium one as it was too big for our larger cat.The small one was about right for our smaller cat. Having used a rival patented product previously, which I would rate as 10/10, these are 5 /10 on design and use, but 10/10 for value. The medium tol was returned and refunded without any fuss. 10/10 for service! My quibble with the website is that aproximate width of these tools are NOT posted. Compared to the patented tool, the PetUK medium is much chunkier and wider. I did suggest to customer services that they could avoid this potential angst by posting measurements on the web site, I note that this idea has not been actioned. Hence my low overall rating. P.S: of course this review, although honest, may not get approved! Lets see.

Bethany Mcdade

Fantastic product, unbelievable how much hair comes off our flat coat! Exactly the same quality as the more expensive brands.

Carolyn Pryor

I have recently purchased one of these combs and I am well impressed with it. I find it so much easier than the brush I was using, and my dogs love it too, their coat is lovely and soft now and shiny. Money well spent and would recommend to anyone.

Carol Ann Fell

Good product. Loose fur comes out easily and my cats enjoy it rather than nervous at some of the larger brushes.

Jean Ransome

I have had the Furminator. I would like to say that this "in-house" product is far superior for half the price. It is brilliant. All you chihuahua owners out there take note. This is a good deal.

Alexa Bryce

I was all set to buy 'The Furminator' when VetUK presented their own-brand alternative when taking a final look at my be honest, I was dubious. I had heard such great things about the high priced branded grooming tool - could this really compete? The answer is YES! My dogs love getting groomed with it. It really gets all the dead hair off & leaves them with a shiny & sleek coat. It is just as good as The Furminator, if not better as it's a fraction of the cost!! I have recommended to friends & colleagues & will continue to do so!