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HiLife Completely Soft and Tender Dry Cat Food 375g

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Manufacturer: HiLife


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HiLife Completely Soft and Tender Dry Cat Food is a great way to spoil your cat with the delicious tasty salmon flavour.

Made using a carefully prepared recipe of high quality fish proteins combined with other selected ingredients and just the right blend of vitamins and minerals to give your adult cat a healthy, balanced diet.

This scrumptious food helps with the following:

  • Soft and Tender – a delicious, nutritionally balanced alternative cat food combining all the fishy flavour of wet food with the convenience and value of dry.
  • Digestion – High quality fish/meat is easily digestible while chicory, a natural prebiotic helps promote healthy gut flora which aids digestion.
  • Natural defences – An enriched blend of antioxidant vitamins with added zinc and selenium help promote healthy cell development and maintain the body's natural defences.
  • Teeth and bones – Formulated with calcium to help the development and maintenance of strong bone and healthy teeth.
  • Skin and coat – Natural oils, rich in Omega 3 and 6 fatty acids help maintain the skin and coat in top condition.

No artificial colours or flavours have been added.