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Zylkene 75mg

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Manufacturer: Vetoquinol

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Zylkene 75mg Natural Pet De-stressing Capsules help to manage stress in small dogs and cats.

Dogs and cats obviously cannot tell us how they are coping, but they can alter their behaviour. There are many different ways pets can show stress including posture changes, altered demeanour, house soiling, changes in pattern of sleeping habits and reduced play.

   Cat - 1 Capsule per day
   Small Dogs (Under 4.5kg) - 1 Capsule per day
   Small Dogs (5-10kg) - 2 Capsules per day

Behaviour modification techniques and toys can also help your pet to deal with stress – ask your vet or behaviourist for further advice.

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Christine Stalker

Zylkene is an excellent product. I give it to my cats when travelling in the car and also when I introduced a kitten to my adult cats. It does not make them sleepy, it just helps them to feel calm and secure. It can be given by mouth or added to food.

Fiona E Dryden

Sadly this had absolutely no effect on my nervous cat.

Stephanie Piddington

Works like magic! I was sceptical about this product but the glowing reviews made me try it. We are in the process of moving house and one of our cats is very sensitive to change. He started being aggressive towards our dog (unusual behaviour for him) and was generally restless and unsettled. As soon as the capsules arrived I gave him the powder from one 75mg capsule mixed with a little Lik-e-lix and fed it to him from my finger. The reaction was almost instant! He immediately settled down and went to sleep, and was much calmer during the rest of the day. I have been giving the capsules for four days now and the difference in him is really noticeable. I can't praise this product highly enough.

Lorna Robertson

Two of my female cats have always been very nervous, one spent most of her days hiding outside and did not feel safe in the house, I believe she felt trapped. The vet recommend Zylkene and both cats have improved, in fact the cat who was afraid of the house now spends most of her time inside, even when we have guests (after the first initial flight reaction to the door bell). They have really made her life more relaxed; she will never be a lap cat and is still scared of her own shadow, but calms down a lot quicker than previously. I give them both one a day and I have recommend friends with very nervous pets to try them for a few weeks to see if they can help.

Joan Mckellar

Zylkene is a wonderful product and I highly recommend it. My sibling cats were very neurotic and stressed, hated visitors, would spend days hiding in wardrobes and drawers, and began fighting aggressively. I contacted Cats Protection, where I adopted them, and asked for advice. Zylkene was suggested, otherwise I would have to rehome one of my cats. I am delighted to say I have two happy cats who no longer hide, accept visitors, sit on my lap, share the same bed and, apart from the occasional game of "tig" get on wonderfully. Needless to say I am delighted and the cost on Vetuk is substantially cheaper than the vet.

Alastair Mcglashan

First used Zylkene when Millie went to have radio-iodine therapy for her thyroid problem. She was quite chilled out at going to the clinic for 2 weeks. Now she is a "senior" cat and some new cats have moved into the neighbourhood, she was apprehensive about going out. Zylkene has come to the rescue again, and Millie is once again quite laid-back about life, except for Sid (my mother in laws cat), she still wants to chase him out of our garden!!!