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Litter Locker II Refill Cartridge

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Manufacturer: LitterLocker



The Litter Locker II Refill Cartridge is for use with the Litter Locker II Soiled Litter Disposal.

The bags are made up for a plastic, multi-layered barrier film that ensures they stay airtight within the Litter Locker and keep your home odour free.

Each refill lasts up to approximately 2 months for one cat and will save an estimated 60 grocery bags (estimated on the use of 1 grocery bag per day for 2 months).

Reviews Overall rating: (5 of 5)

Jenny Mead

Brilliant product! I had tried putting the kittens poo down the humans loo, but it took numerous flushes and then a toilet clean before things were back to normal/ Then I started putting it in the dustbin, which resulted in flies and horrible smells. After buying the Litter Locker, the process of clearing cat litter has become so much bearable, as the cassette of bags and locker ensure that nasty smells are practically eliminated. My dustbin is odour free once again! A must for anyone who has litter trays in the house! Well done VetUK for sourcing such a useful product!