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Drinkwell Platinum Water Fountain

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Manufacturer: Drinkwell



Drinkwell Platinum Water Fountain is suitable for cats and small dogs.

The Platinum Drinkwell has 2 major advantages over the standard model. Firstly the unit holds over a gallon and a quarter (178 fluid ounces) of water in a built-in additional capacity reservoir and is compact. Secondly, the motor is fully submerged making it extremely quiet. The fountains design means that the motor is really accessible and easy to remove for cleaning.

In the same way as the Standard and Big Dog Drinkwell it continuously circulates water through a carbon filter keeping it aerated and chilled. A stream of water 'free falls' from a spout into the bowl running all the time. A changeable filter removes food particles, hair, chlorine and odours.

The platinum uses the same replacement filters as the other two fountains in the range, it plugs into the mains, & is guaranteed for 12-months.

Reviews Overall rating: (4.7 of 5)

Simon Hardwick

My vet recommend I get a water fountain for my two Maine coons. They have taken to it very well. This one is well built and easy to use. I would recommend it to anyone looking to get a drinking fountain for their pet. Best thing is I no longer have to leave the bathroom tap dripping!!!

Helen Ibach

My four cats love drinking from the fountain and my four year old "eternal kitten" plays with the trickling water too. The only problem that I have with it is that my second motor has stopped working after the weekly clean following the instructions. Once again I was finding it a nightmare sourcing a replacement motor but am delighted to discover that VetUK are now stocking them so not only can I give the product 5* but VetUK deserve 10* for making my life so much easier!

Nick Armstrong

An absolute must have! If you can handle the mickey-take that is... I have three cats and hence went for the larger Platinum model, which is 5l and I have to fill it to twice a week! It's really encouraged my cats to drink, and discouraged one in particular from either sitting in the bath and crying for me to run the tap, or dragging the water bowl across the kitchen floor thereby spilling water EVERYWHERE because he can't adequately see the water surface level when still... He did take some convincing, but about a week into it he stopped heading for the bath. It's very quiet, just a quiet trickle of water which you don't really notice and the motor on the platinum is virtually silent. Everybody laughed, my girlfriend included, but she's had to eat her words as it solved the problem - wish I'd had one from the start!

Andy Carter

Brilliant - good quality, quiet, the cats took to it after a day or so and are spending virtually no time in the sink looking longingly at the tap !!! VetUK - great delivery - and best price...

Pablo Fernandez

Very noisy even when placed on top of a rug or carpet!! and my cat not in the least interested, but then again she's special.

Karen Bowie

I purchased this product and it lived up to my expectations - all three of my cats now drink far more & not from my taps thankfully.The product is silent when in use and what's more the price 7 delivery was fantastic from VetUK.

Tina Appleton

I purchased this water fountain through Amazon for my cat who is 3 years old. I have only had her for 6 weeks. I felt she was not drinking enough water as she would not drink out of her bowl and would only drink water from a tap which had to be turned on for her each time. I then could not guarantee she would drink. The fountain has been a great success, she even drinks from the bowl! she loves it! My daughter has just got a kitten, the kitten has made her way to it and now loves it too! I would strongly recommend this fountain at least you know you cat is having plenty of water which is keeping them healthy.

Tina Appleton

I ordered the Drinkwell Platinum water fountain for my cat who is 3 but I have only had her a few weeks and felt she was not drinking very much so I decided to buy the fountain and she loves it! She was even drinking from the bowl! My daughter has just got a kitten and she loves it too! I highly recommend this fountain.

Elaine Topp

This is the best thing I have ever bought my cats. My 17 year old has kidney disease and although had fresh water available took to sitting in the bath crying for the tap to be turned on. I set this up and immediately she took to it and is drinking more, which is better for her kidneys. I have also seen my 11 year old cat use it. It's very quiet, easy to set up and I am so pleased I decided to get this one. I think it is the flow of water that this model has that attracts the cats to drink. Excellent buy.

Heather Powell

Fantastic product, highly recommended! One of my cats was recently diagnosed with CRF and encouraging her to drink was becoming a nightmare. She loves drinking from the bathroom sink so I bought her this and she loves it! Her drinking is back to normal and I don't have to worry about her trying to jump up on the sink...