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Good Girl Litter Tray Scoop

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Manufacturer: Armitage Pet Care



Good Girl Litter Tray Scoops are ideal for hygienically attending to your cats litter tray.

The robust scoop is made from durable plastic and is fully dishwasher safer, making it easy to keep clean.

The deep sided design of these scoops allow for picking up large amounts of litter at a time.

Specifically designed to separate the soiled litter from the clean, the perfectly sized holes in the scoops allow you to do just that with a quick shake! Acting like a sieve, the scoop allows the clean litter back into your tray leaving you with just the waste!

Good Girl Litter Tray Scoops make cleaning your pets litter tray quick and easy leaves your cat with a clean, sanitary environment for doing their business!