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Bob Martin Clear Double Action Spot On for Medium Dogs (3 Pack)

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Manufacturer: Bob Martin


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Bob Martin Clear Double Action Spot On for Medium Dogs between 4 and 10Kg.

These pipettes are easy to use and have a specially developed formulation that acts quickly to kill fleas on your pet, and target flea larvae in the pet's immediate home surroundings. It is this Double Action that makes the product effective in protecting your pet from fleas.

Effective and gentle - Bob Martin Double Action Spot On can be used on puppies from 8 weeks of age.

Each treatment will protect your pet from fleas for up to 4 weeks. 3 tubes per pack, suitable dogs between 4 and 10kg.

Monthly treatment of all cats and dogs in the household with Bob Martin Clear Double Action Spot On, together with regular vacuuming of pet's bedding and resting areas are usually all that is needed to protect both your pet and home from fleas.

If there is a particulary heavy infestation in the home it may be necessary to also treat the home with a suitably approved home flea product.

Each pipette contains 100mg imidacloprid.

This is NOT Bob Martins Regular Spot On.